Online Payments

Before you make a payment online please select the concept for the payment from the options set out below

    1. Provision of funds for legal costs.
      1,000 Euros
      500 Euros
    2. Payment of Spanish Will. Each Spanish Will costs 211.75 Euros including IVA (VAT). If you are buying more than one Spanish will then please multiply 211.75 Euros by the amount of Spanish wills you are buying.
      1 Spanish will
      €211.75 EUR
      2 Spanish wills
      €423.50 EUR
      3 Spanish wills
      €635.25 EUR
    3. Payment of Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney costs 211.75 Euros including IVA (VAT). If two people require a power of attorney and can sign the power of attorney before a notary together at the same time, the cost of the Power of Attorney is 211.75 Euros. If you require more than one Power of Attorney, please multiply 211.75 Euros by the amount of Powers of Attorney required.
      1 Power of attorney
      €211.75 EUR
      2 Powers of attorney
      €423.50 EUR
      3 Powers of attorney
      €635.25 EUR
    4. Payment of Rental Contract. The Rental Contract costs 423.50 Euros including IVA (VAT).
    5. Payment of legal costs for Incorporation of Company. Legal costs 1149.50 Euros including IVA (VAT).
    6. House Purchase deposit. Maximum 7000 Euros.
      Deposit plus provision of 1000 Euros for legal costs

      Option 1
      €1,000.00 EUR
      Option 2
      €3,000.00 EUR
      Option 3
      €7,000.00 EUR

Any monies paid online by PayPal will be held by us on your behalf until the legal work has been completed to your satisfaction or until you instruct us to make payment to a third party.

PayPal will charge an additional % on top of any monies paid. If you prefer you can arrange a bank transfer which will take a few days to reach our client bank account.

Payment is being made to MLS Lawyers & Solicitors SLP, a law firm regulated with the College of Lawyers of Malaga with CIF number B 93366433.

The registered address of MLS Lawyers & Solicitors SLP is: Calle Juan Ramon Jimenez 10, Edificio Marbeland 4B, Marbella

If you have any queries in respect of the payment please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on the numbers below, by email or fax. If you have not already send us a copy of your passport or national identity, please send this by email to If we do not receive proper identification from you, then the monies paid will be returned to the original payer.
Contact us

Calling from the UK: 0845 508 2395

Tel: +34 951 203 094
Fax: +34 951 203 095

If for whatever reason you have paid an incorrect amount or made a mistake in the payment process, please contact us and we can arrange an immediate refund.

In the event that you are not happy with the services provided by to MLS Lawyers & Solicitors SLP then you can contact Rosario Genova Alguacil, a Partner in the firm, who handles complaints and who will investigate the cause of your complaint and report back to you. Ms Genova’s contact email is

We will not arrange any returns of funds paid to MLS Lawyers & Solicitors by visa card direct to your visa card. Any returns will be made by bank transfer.
Termination or suspension of legal services

In accordance with existing legislation funds provided on account of costs can be returned for any reason whatsoever within the period of 14 days from the date of receipt of the funds. In order for the funds on account of costs to be returned, the conditions set out below must be met. In order to request a return of funds please send an email to or contact the lawyer handling your matter.
Conditions for return of legal costs paid on account of costs by visa

All monies paid on account of costs shall be returned to you, less any bank or visa charges (if any), if the legal services have not commenced or no disbursements have been incurred on your behalf.

In order to comply with Royal Legislative Decreee 1/2007 of 16 November which approved the reformed text of the General Law for Consumers and Users (Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007 -16 Noviembre por el que se aprueba el texto reformado de la Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidoresy Usuarios y otras leyes complementarias) and other legislation there will be no return of all of the monies paid on account of costs in the following circumstances:

1. If the monies paid have been spent on the legal costs or disbursements contracted and the legal services have been completed.

2. If the legal services have commenced but not completed then any remaining monies once the costs of the legal services and any disbursements have been deducted shall be returned.

3. If the monies have been paid to a third party on your behalf and with your consent.

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