Updating Spanish property deeds

Are your property deeds accurate? Do you know?

Quite often the description of a Spanish property registered at the Land Registry does not match the actual reality on the ground. Whether you are buying or preparing to sell your property, it is important the actual property on the ground is fully registered at the Land Registry. Over time extensions and alterations to a property can mean deeds are out of date.

We can work with you to update your Spanish property deeds and register your property correctly at the Spanish Land Registry & Catastro Registry.

Unsure about what is or not registered at the Land Registry? Send us your property deeds today to review.  We can help with a number of services around the Spanish property deeds including:

  • Adding a swimming pool to your deeds
  • Registering a property extension at the Land Registry
  • Applying for subsequent planning permission
  • Assistance with applying for an AFO (Asimilado de Fuera de Ordenacion) licence
  • Assistance with applying for a First Occupation Licence (Licencia de Primera Ocupacion or Cedula de Habitabilidad)
  • Declaring property before a notary
  • Paying taxes on the new property additions
  • Architect’s certificates
  • Registering a well

Contact us to help you check or update your Spanish property deeds.

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