Timeshare in Spain

Are you buying a timeshare in Spain? Or looking to sell a timeshare?

Do you require advice in respect of the documents that should be provided to timeshare buyers? Are you a committee managing a timeshare resort? Have you inherited a timeshare? Do you wish to get rid of your timeshare? Involved in a timeshare dispute or litigation?

Our team of English Solicitors & Spanish abogados have been involved in the timeshare, shared ownership and leisure industry since 1999 providing advice to consumers, developers, trustees, exchange companies, home owner committees, banks and lenders. Recognised as experts in their field, attendees at timeshare industry conferences and seminars, we are ideally placed to provide the following services to you:

  • How to buy a timeshare safely
  • How to sell or dispose of a timeshare
  • How to inherit a timeshare and valuing a timeshare
  • Advice in changing Club Constitutions
  • How to transfer title to a timeshare
  • Timeshare litigation advice
  • Modifying timeshare regimes at the Land Registry
  • Strategic advice to timeshare committees
  • Advice to lenders on what laws developers should comply with
  • Regulatory advice
  • Setting up and establishing new timeshare resorts
  • Entering into partnership and join venture agreements
  • Attending general meetings for timeshare owners
  • Removing timeshare property from trust
  • Arbitration and mediation advice in timeshare disputes
  • Expert advice

Contact us to discuss your legal issues around timeshare in Spain.

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