Modifying Joint Ownership of Spanish Property

Are you getting divorced and wish to transfer ownership in your Spanish property to your former spouse? Do you wish to buy your Spanish property co owner’s share in the property? Do you wish to remove a co owner from the deeds?

Our experienced team of Spanish property lawyers can guide you through the process of transferring shares in Spanish property to other joint owners.

Removal of names from property deeds, extinguishing joint ownership & transfers of property are amongst the services we can help clients looking to amend the ownership of property. Below is the list of services we can provide you:

  • Advice on the costs of transferring ownership of shares in Spanish property
  • Powers of attorney
  • Liaising with a lender to remove a Spanish property owner
  • Hold agreed price of property share until the property deed has been signed
  • Updating the Land Registry with new owner

For more information, view our leaflet setting out the process and if you would like to discuss how to modify Spanish property deeds, contact us today.

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