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MLS in Swedish

19 April 2018

Välkommen till MLS, en svensktalande advokatbyrå i Spanien. 

Funderar Ni på att köpa en fastighet i Spanien? Bor eller arbetar Ni i Spanien? Har Ni frågor om familjerätt eller någon annan juridisk fråga som rör Spanien? Spanien har ett omfattande och krångligt regelverk kring många frågor vilket kan vara svårt att sätta sig in i. 

My Lawyer in Spain är en oberoende byrå med erfarna svenska, engelska, skotska, irländska och spanska jurister och advokater. Vi kan hjälpa Er på svenska, engelska eller spanska. Att få hjälp på sitt modersmål rörande juridiska frågor i ett annat land vet vi är mycket uppskattat.


Key legal requirements of living in Spain

key legal requirements of living in Spain

6 December 2017 | Tags: , , ,

Although we do not know the real meaning of Brexit for Brits living in Spain, it seems fairly obvious that being correctly registered here would at least reduce the complications of ownership and residence. The following are some examples of our findings;


Tips if you have a car accident in Spain

Tips if you have a car accident in Spain

17 November 2017 | Tags: , , ,

Being prepared for something does not mean that it is likely to happen, but if you do know what to do you could minimise the damage.  Read on to find out our tips if you are involved in a car accident in Spain.

Road traffic accident rates decrease every year, cars are being built much safer, roads are improving and speed limits are low and enforced. However if you are involved in an accident, here’s what you should do


Advice for your Move to Spain

Moving to Spain advice

10 November 2017 | Tags: , , ,

My Lawyer in Spain are delighted to be taking part in the second Informative Talk with Mijas Foreigners Department.  We will be covering the registration and exchange of EU driving licences in readiness for Brexit and Wills.


5 things you should know about the floor clause

5 things you need to know about the Floor Clause

9 October 2017 | Tags: , , , ,

Much has been written recently about the floor clause (Clausula Suelo) in Mortgages. My Lawyer in Spain investigate what this is and how you can find out if you have one.


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