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A Place in the (Spanish) Sun


6 September 2017 | Tags: , ,

As has been reported in recent press articles, BREXIT appears to have had no impact on Britons buying property abroad, with “55% still wanting to buy a second home in Europe.”  And in fact 10% have stated they are now “more likely” to be moving overseas, rather than stay within the UK.

With this in mind, Alex and Isabel are heading again to two events being organised by A Place in the Sun.

A Place in the Sun












We will be heading to Birmingham on 22-24 September and Glasgow 28-29 October

The team will be sharing insights and the key facts about buying a property in Spain:-

Friday 22nd September, Birmingham

11.45 – 12.30   Buying property in Spain – the key facts


Saturday 23rd September, Birmingham

13.30 – 14.15   Buying property in Spain – the key facts


Sunday 24th September, Birmingham

12.00 – 12.45   Buying property in Spain – the key facts


If you would like FREE tickets for either of these two events, please click on the below image for the events.


We look forward to meeting you and supporting the purchase of your Place in the Spanish Sun!




Swedish Lawyer joins My Lawyer in Spain

Erik Berger

24 August 2017 | Tags: , , , ,

My Lawyer in Spain is pleased to announce that Erik Berger, a Swedish lawyer and resident of Marbella, has been named a partner with MLS Marbella office.

Erik studied law and economics at the University of Stockholm graduating with a Master of Law (LL.M) in 2000 and embarked on a career in Swedish and international finance law gaining valuable knowledge relevant to Swedish people living overseas.

For 5 years Erik worked at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) followed by 5 years at Grant Thornton and then 4 years with Price Waterhouse Cooper.  He has vast experience of tax litigation and has accomplished significant work with the tax implications of mergers & acquisitions and real estate profits.

Erik lives in Marbella with his wife and children.  Members of Erik’s family, including his Grandparents, first moved to Marbella in the 1970’s and various members have moved back and forward since.  This has given Erik unique insights into the legal and tax implications of living between Sweden and Spain and sensitivity to the unique and special needs of the Swedish expat.


Erik said; “I am very excited to join My Lawyer in Spain and look forward to meeting the needs of our international clients.  As a Swedish speaking lawyer working at a Spanish law firm, I believe I can help Swedish clients with their legal and tax matters in both countries with a special understanding of their needs and special knowledge of the solutions.”  


On behalf of MLS Management Team, Alex Radford said; “As each year goes by more Swedish people choose to live in Spain and MLS have helped many of them with their affairs here.  From this experience we learned that a need exists for tax and financial expertise between the Spanish and Swedish systems.  We are proud to admit Erik to our partnership; he is a first class lawyer and an expert in his field. This gives MLS across our 10 branches in Spain a ‘bridge’ with Sweden to find valuable efficiencies across both systems.”  

A new version of the My Lawyer in Spain website in Swedish is available here 





Healthcare options for British Citizens in Spain

31 July 2017 | Tags: , , , , ,

For UK citizens facing the uncertainty of Brexit, healthcare has to be a high priority when planning a happy and healthy life in Spain.  Producing evidence of healthcare cover is now a condition of residence in Spain for very obvious reasons and fortunately there are a range of ways to get it.  

Many British residents did not join the Spanish healthcare system because they were not contributing in the way they did in the UK with social security contributions, not realising that in Spain the healthcare system is funded by VAT and IRPF.  So don’t feel shamed into thinking that you are not “contributing”; you are.  So let’s take a brief review of the healthcare choices for British people in Spain.

You can pay into a private scheme with a Spanish, or international health policy. However, these are more expensive as you get older and pre-existing conditions are not always covered.  

You are entitled to use the Spanish State Healthcare if you pay social security contributions through employment, or profesionales autonomos’ status (self-employed) in Spain, or if you are in receipt of a Spanish pension.  

If you are a UK pensioner you can (still) access healthcare by obtaining form S1 from the UK to transfer your medical assistance to Spain.  

It is also possible to get healthcare on the basis of residency in Spain if you are not working and not a pensioner BUT have had residency before 24th April 2012.  RD-ley 16/2012:

However, if you do not fall into any of the above categories you may be able to join the Spanish government’s special pay-in health insurance scheme known as the Convenio Especial.  This allow access to the Spanish State healthcare system for €60 per person per month under the age of 65 and €157 for people older than 65.  The scheme covers all pre-existing medical conditions but not prescription charges.  It does not include a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for healthcare cover outside of Spain.  

In order to apply, you must have been registered at the local Town Hall on the ‘padrón’ (or Certificado de Empadronamiento) in Spain for at least 1 year and you must not be in receipt of any healthcare cover from the UK.


To find out more about your Spanish health options have a look at UK and EU department of health website and the UK government website which give some useful facts and directions.


MLS Expands To The Canary Islands

Luis Sánchez García-Yanes

28 July 2017 | Tags: , , ,

As part of their continuing expansion, My Lawyer in Spain have this week announced a partnership with L.S Abogados based in Santa Cruz De Tenerife; the practice of Luis Sanchez Garcia Yanes and his experienced team.  This is the 10th office to open in the expansion of My Lawyer in Spain offices across Spain and welcomes an experienced and dynamic new member to the MLS team.

Luis was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and lives in Tenerife where he obtained a degree in law at the Universidad de Salamanca including a year studying in Italy at the Università degli studi Roma Tre.  His areas of expertise are Litigation, Personal Injury, Timeshare and Real Estate with additional expertise in international law.  He is known for his litigation work in dealing with many civil and criminal cases that have had impact at national level.  He has lived and practised in the Canary Islands since 2006, speaks English, Italian and Spanish and has a depth of knowledge of the laws and culture of the Canaries, especially the needs of the expat populations.


Alex Radford, founding partner of MLS in announcing the new partnership with L.S Abogados said,

“My Lawyer in Spain have been working with Luis for many years, and we believe that we can more successfully address our client needs by working together.  Luis has great experience in acting for international clients with a strong record of delivering high quality legal services.  This is the tenth office in the expansion of MLS across Spain as we successfully meet international clients needs for localised services from experienced multilingual lawyers.”

Isabel Perez Blanco and Rosario Genova, also Founding Partners of MLS, were equally delighted with the expansion and look forward to consolidating the My Lawyer in Spain brand in the Canaries.

In response to the announcement Luis commented,

“I am proud to join this unique and prestigious team of British solicitors and Spanish lawyers with such a great reputation for acting in the best interests of international clients.   Their commitment to excellence and mission to deliver outstanding client service, has earned MLS the excellent reputation it enjoys today and I look forward to being part of their success.”

Connect Luis in our Tenerife office here



A Place in the Sun – here we come!

26 July 2017 | Tags: , ,

After the success for our 8th visit to A Place in the Sun in May in London, My Lawyer in Spain will be visiting A Place in the Sun in September in Birmingham!

The Telegraph Newspaper produced a useful article sharing the best places to buy in Spain which offer value for money.  And you can download our free Guide to things you should know BEFORE you buy in Spain

My Lawyer in Spain will be available to talk about your plans to move to Spain and update you on any Brexit news which you may have concerns about.

To obtain FREE tickets for the exhibition please follow this link. And don’t forget to come by the My Lawyer In Spain stand to collect your free information pack!





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