Community Support

At My Lawyer in Spain we enjoy working with charitable associations and foundations and helping in our community and supporting others.

Here is a list of some of the events the staff at My Lawyer in Spain have been involved in:

  • Alex Radford. December 2013 – Running Malaga Marathon for the local food bank Bancosol Alimentos.
  • Alex Radford. April 2013 – Running the London Marathon for the Child Brain Injury Trust.
  • Attending and supporting Queen’s Jubillee Party with the Royal British Legion.
  • Working with the Foundation for the English Cemetery in Malaga.
  • Joint Remembrance Parade held with the Spanish Legion.


Alex at the finish line of the London Marathon

Joint Remembrance Parade held with the Spanish Legion

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On the day at the notary Alex was the first to arrive yet the furthest away… [he] is an absolute gentleman and true professional. A definite 10/10.

S. Knowlts