Buying a Property in Spain

Are you interested in buying a Spanish property? Are you buying an off plan Spanish property? Or reforming a ruin?

Would you like to discuss the Spanish property purchase process with a local lawyer in English? Not decided yet on the region in Spain where you would like to buy? Unsure of the costs of buying a Spanish property?

We have an experienced and specialist team of Spanish property lawyers, English Solicitors, Irish Solicitors & Scottish Solicitors who act for clients buying property all over Spain and its Islands. Located across Spain and its Islands we can provide you with expert local knowledge and advice.

Each step of the way we are here to help you through the Spanish conveyancing process from start to finish and committed to providing you with the following quality services:

If you are buying a Spanish property, the first call you make to a lawyer should be to My Lawyer in Spain. We offer support in a language you will understand and can provide you with all aspects of support you may need related to your purchase in Spain.  Don’t wait until you have found your property, there are some issues which are best thought through in advance of making any offer on a property.

Contact us to arrange for a free of charge 30 minute consultation with a specialist Spanish property lawyer about buying your Spanish property.

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We know you will want to know how much your legal advice will cost, so we are committed to confirming costs of our services to you in writing.

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