Obtaining an NIE in Spain

Do you require an NIE number? It does not matter where you intend to be located in Spain or what you need the NIE for. Our team of efficient professionals can apply for and obtain an NIE for you promptly.

An NIE number also known as a Numero de Identificacion de Extranjeros – or identity number for foreigners – is a document that you will require in order to pay taxes in Spain upon the purchase or inheritance of a property or to open a bank account or incorporate a company.

You can apply for an NIE number in person at a local police station of the national police force or we can apply for an NIE number for you using a power of attorney. If you have instructed us to act for you in a purchase of a property, inheritance or company incorporation, we will apply for the NIE for you. If you specifically only need an NIE number and would like to instruct us to apply for this for you, then we will need you to sign a power of attorney in our favour.

If two people need an NIE then they can sign the power of attorney together before a notary. If they cannot sign the power of attorney together, then you will each need a power of attorney.

Purchase an NIE Number today

You can buy an NIE Number today from our online store.

If you require more help, contact us today to discuss how we can apply for your NIE for you.

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