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23 January 2023 | Tags: , , , ,

My Lawyer in Spain and Legal Services in Spain review the new digital nomad visa which has just been created in Spain under Law 28/2022.

Alex Radford looks at the differences between all the Visas available for Non-EU Nationals including Tourist Visas, Non-Lucrative Visa and Golden Visas and compares these to the benefits of the new Digital Nomad Visa.

We look at:-

  • who can apply
  • who are International Teleworkers?
  • Residency for EU spouses or family members
  • paperwork necessary
  • minimum income necessary
  • benefits for Companies outside of Spain and more

If you need help with any of your Visas to move to Spain do contact us.

My Lawyer in Spain

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My Lawyer in Spain

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3 Responses

  1. Carolyn Chafer says:

    Are the minimum income requirements for the digital nomad visa gross or net of income tax? Presumably the person becomes tax resident in Spain and would, therefore, have their salary from their foreign employer paid gross with no tax deducted. Then file a Spanish tax return and pay tax on their total income to the Spanish tax authority. Following on from this, I assume that the minimum income requirement must be gross. Also, are any savings taken into account (either as a requirement in addition to, or to offset some of the minimum income requirement)?

  2. Terry Constant says:

    Hi, do you see anywhere a requirement on the Digital Nomad Visa, that the applicant(s) cannot have lived in Spain the previous 5 years? We were residents with a TIE from Sept 19 to June 21, but gave it up

  3. Jo Dearing says:

    Hi Melanie,
    I saw that it said, on the slide show, that NLV is 2yrs + 2yrs then 5yr visas. Has that changed from 1+2+2 please? It’s a big blow if it has as we bought a house in Spain and are renovating it whilst we work and save more in the UK to retire early. Our 35K in euros for a couple was going to be 1 small private pension + savings left in the bank to achieve the monetary IPREM for obtaining visas (e.g. right now that would be 70k euros for a 2yr visa, less pension left in bank until PR obtained). If there is a 5yr one to apply for then we are looking at a much bigger savings pot e.g. 175k euros less pension.
    Hope that makes sense and hope I have just misunderstood.
    We have spoken previously and you told me that you didn’t have to prove income for the 5ys PR as you’d already done it. Just looking to see what has changed and if our dreams are in tatters.
    Many thanks
    Jo Dearing

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