Major Update for Non-Resident Property Owners in Spain: Annual Tax Filing Begins in 2024

9 March 2024 | Tags: , , ,

Starting from 2024, non-resident property owners in Spain will witness a significant shift in tax filing procedures. This blog post delves into the recent amendments and what they mean for you.

We are delighted to share some positive news for non-resident taxpayers in Spain who rent out their Spanish properties. Due to recent amendments to ministerial orders there have been significant changes to filing requirements for non-resident taxpayers.

Annual Filing for Rental Income: What You Need to Know

Instead of having to present quarterly filings, Non-Resident taxpayers now have the privilege of an annual tax filing regime in Spain for all rental income derived from their Spanish property rental income.

How This Affects You: Non-Resident Property Owners in Spain

This means that from 1st to 20th January of the subsequent year, non-resident taxpayers who rent out their Spanish properties, can settle their tax dues annually during that period. Specifically, for income accrued from the lease or sublease of Spanish property.

This change serves to level the playing field, abolishing the previous discrepancy between non-resident taxpayers and tax residents in Spain. Formerly, non-residents were tethered to quarterly filings, while their Spanish counterparts enjoyed the convenience of an annual filing privilege for the same taxable event – the leasing or subleasing of real estate.

As these tax filing changes promise a simpler process for non-resident property owners in Spain, it’s crucial to understand how they apply to your situation. For personalised advice and assistance with your tax returns, don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be delighted to assist you submitting your tax returns.

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Patricia Ruiz

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Patricia Ruiz

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