Retiring to Spain: Essential Steps and Expert Advice

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Retirement in Spain is a dream many aspire to, thanks to its sunny climate, rich culture and relaxed lifestyle. But the process of moving and settling in a new country comes with its fair share of complexities. Fortunately, expert guidance from specialists in financial and legal fields can make the transition smoother and more secure.

In a recent webinar hosted by Liz Rowlinson from Place in the Sun, experts Nathan Andrew of Specialty Advice and Alex Radford from My Lawyer in Spain shared their insights on the crucial steps for retiring to Spain. Both panelists bring years of experience in their respective fields, offering valuable advice to British and Irish expatriates considering the move.



Financial Planning for Expatriates

With over a decade of experience advising expatriates, Nathan emphasised the importance of understanding the financial landscape in Spain. He discussed how his team helps clients navigate through options in banking, insurance, pensions, and investment, all under the EU’s regulatory framework. His firm maintains key relationships with industry professionals, including law firms and tax advisors, ensuring clients receive holistic advice.

Legal Aspects of Moving to Spain

Alex Radford, representing My Lawyer in Spain, highlighted the legal considerations of buying property and establishing residency in Spain. With dual qualifications in both the UK and Spain, Alex brings a unique perspective to the legal challenges faced by expatriates. He stressed the importance of understanding the timing of purchases, tax residency status, and the intricacies of the Spanish legal system to avoid common pitfalls.

Key Considerations for Prospective Retirees

Both experts agreed on several critical areas that prospective retirees must consider:

1. Timing and Taxation:
– When is the best time to buy property in Spain?
– What are the implications of becoming a Spanish tax resident?

2. Purchase Process:
– What are the safe and legal procedures for buying property in Spain?

3. Visa Requirements:
– Understanding different visa options, whether retiring or working in Spain.

4. General Financial Planning:
– How to manage banking, pensions, and investments efficiently.
– The significance of keeping UK accounts or transferring financial assets to Spain.

5. Estate Planning:
– Importance of having a Spanish will, understanding power of attorney, and planning for inheritance taxes.


Retiring to Spain offers a promising new chapter for many, but it requires careful planning and professional advice. By addressing financial, legal and administrative aspects before moving, retirees can ensure a comfortable and successful transition to their new life in Spain.

For anyone considering retirement in Spain, this webinar is an invaluable resource, providing expert advice that covers the essential steps in the retirement process. Contact the team at My Lawyer in Spain to help you navigate the complexities of moving abroad with confidence.

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