Tips if you have a car accident in Spain

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Being prepared for something does not mean that it is likely to happen, but if you do know what to do you could minimise the damage. Read on to find out our tips if you are involved in a car accident in Spain.

Road traffic accident rates decrease every year, cars are being built much safer, roads are improving and speed limits are low and enforced. However if you are involved in an accident, here’s what you should do;

  1. Take a deep breath, keep calm and first examine for injuries among passengers and third party individuals involved within the accident. This is most important.
  2. If anyone is injured, ensure the police are called on 091 and advise them of the accident, location, people and injuries.
  3. Protect yourself, others and their vehicle from further damage, turn on your vehicle hazards, lights and use the reflective jackets and warning triangles that are compulsory in all cars in Spain and normally found in the boot, or glove compartment.
  4. Use your phone camera to take as many pictures as you need to provide an accurate description of what happened.
  5. If your car is not driveable then phone your insurance company who will send a truck to pick it up and get you home.
  6. If no one is injured and you are blocking the traffic and your car is able, you can pull over to the side of the road or to the nearest safe place.
  7. This is the time to record a description of what happened making best use of pen, paper and smartphone with drawings, photographs, video, witness statements and contact information.  The details you record should include the following:-
  • The date, time and place of the accident
  • How the accident occurred – pictures and drawing can be worth a thousand words
  • The type of damage to your car and location of damage to the other cars or property involved
  • The names, addresses, contact information and insurance policy numbers of all drivers involved, details of anyone injured and of other passengers.
  1. If it is clear who is responsible for the accident and you and the other drivers involved agree, you can sign the form known as parte amistosa (found in the glove compartment) in which you will draw a diagram of the accident, explain how the accident occurred, insert the details of the drivers as well as their insurance companies  and state who is responsible for the accident. If blame for the accident is not clear, state responsibility for the accident not agreed.

When the emergency is dealt with, inform your insurance company as soon as possible and they will send you a claim form to repair the damage to the car.

At My Lawyer in Spain we are here to help you and if you or someone you know receives injuries, has an insurance claim or legal issue arising from an accident please contact Jesus Perez Morilla for help and advice.

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