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24 May 2018 | Tags:

Alex and Isabel attended exhibitions in Manchester and London this year and they were impressed by the number of attendees. In London there were 8,501 visitors through the door, 15% up on 2017, with Saturday’s turnout totalling 3,600 to make it one of the busiest days ever. The mini beast from the East weather front hit Manchester in March but still more 5957 people visited the show over the three days.

Spain continues to be the country that many visitors are attracted to and with free legal advice on hand, the MLS Team answered questions about the taxes buyers pay when buying a property in Spain which varies from region to region, ownership options when buying a property, Spanish residency and the advantages of having a Spanish will.

Brexit is an issue that prospective purchasers are aware of but it is not an issue that is putting purchasers off as Spain continues to offer good value properties with the option of buying in cities, on the costas or inland all within easy reach of the Mediterranean and within less than 2.5 hours from may regional airports in the UK.

The MLS leaflets on budgeting for your purchase, putting in place a power of attorney, to apply for nies, and the checklist of questions to ask estate agents continue to be very popular with prospective purchasers. To download these leaflets click here

Alex Radford

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Alex Radford

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  1. Peter Findlay says:

    I currently have your firm representing me , and have to say great work detecting few issues by lawyer Isabel Peréz Blanco , could not go through this buying process without you ! Really useful & informative emails you send me too te Brexit etc ! Reassuring and thanks

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