Donating Property and Assets in Spain

5 July 2022 | Tags: , , , , ,

My Lawyer in Spain Lawyers, Alex Radford and Laura Albors Jover, talk about the Process, Advantages and Tax Implications of donating property and assets in Spain.

They discuss the different types of donations and the affects of donating a property to a spouse. If you are buying a holiday home in Spain, this is also a useful video to watch.

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Topics covered:

Process, Advantages and Tax Implications
  1. What is a donation and what does it entail?
    – Transfer or property
    – Family members
    – Notary
    1) Land Registry
    2) Tax allowance
  2. Are there any taxes involved?
    – Plusvalía
    – Donation tax (Ex. Spouse)
  3. Why would someone donate rather than bequeath? What are the advantages of a donation?
    – Inheritors
    – Donor
    – Donation
    – Inheritance
  4. What are the tax benefits in Comunidad Valenciana?
    – 100.000 (and then from 7,65% to 34%)
  5. What would be the donation tax for a property of 150.000 € in CV?
  6. And a 200.000 € property?
  7. How is the price of the property calculated?
    – Reference value
    – Market value
    – Previous price
  8. How can someone make a donation? What is the process?
    – Public Deed at a Notary in Spain (passports, Land registry sheet)
    – POA in a foreign country at a Public Notary.

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Alex Radford

Written by:
Alex Radford

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