Navigating Post-Brexit Removals to Spain: Expert Insights from Mick Cox at Indalo Transport

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Following the UK’s departure from the European Union, moving to Spain after Brexit has seen significant changes, especially in removal procedures.

In a recent discussion at A Place in the Sun, Alex Radford caught up with Mick Cox of Indalo Transport Ltd to dive deep into these new challenges and solutions.

Mick, what changes have there been in Removal Procedures Post-Brexit?

“There are many actually, Alex! Because the UK is no longer a part of the EU there are certain customs procedures for Spain that we have to adhere to for all removals into Spain for people moving after Brexit. The requirement as part of this process which is the transfer of residence tax relief. If you are eligible we will need to make an application for transfer of residence tax relief (ToR) on your behalf.”

Can you explain more about the Transfer of Residence (ToR) Tax Relief for moving to Spain?

“Well, Alex, a successful application will mean you will not have to pay any vat import charges to the Spanish Tax office for your removal entering Spain. We have a 100% success rate of obtaining Import Tax Relief, as long as you can supply us with all of the necessary documents for transfer of residence to Spain.”

What is the impact of VAT/IVA on removals to Spain without ToR?

“If you do not qualify for transfer of residence tax relief, you will be charged VAT/IVA on the declared value of your goods, plus transport costs, when your removal enters Spain. However, we will take care of the customs declaration valuation for you and value everything as low as possible. So far, all of our declaration values have been accepted by the Spanish tax office.

“Our full customs service will ensure your removal reaches your new home successfully and it covers all aspects of the process. We also include up to £100,00 worth of Goods in Transport Insurance cover with every international removal, at no extra charge.”

How can Clients ensure full Customs Service for their move to Spain?

“You need to make sure that this very important ‘hidden’ cost of the removals process is explained to you by any prospective moving company. Asking the specific question ‘How do you deal with the import tax into Spain? will reveal who has the skills to save you money. Some may use your ‘goods in transit’ insurance valuation as the customs declaration, which could lead to an import tax bill in the thousands of Euros when you move to Spain. With Indalo Transport, because we separate the two valuations, no client has ever had to spend more than 500 Euros on import tax since Brexit.

“This just goes to show that the headline cost of a removal for your move to Spain after Brexit is not the most important aspect, as the import tax can be a huge factor – and you won’t find that out until your removal arrives in Spain!”

Thanks very much, Mick!

Planning your move to Spain post-Brexit might seem daunting, but with the right preparation and knowledge of the new customs procedures, it can be a smooth process. Contact Mick and his team at Indalo Transport Ltd for personalised advice and support.

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