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12 November 2020 | Tags: , , ,

In November 2020 we took part in a webinar organised by Blacktower Financial Management Group. With a panel including Costa Women, EBF Consulting, Age in Spain and TaraBiz Condado we talked about life on the Canary Islands.

This informative talk, formatted in an Q&A session, covered the latest information for new arrivals as well as foreign residents already living in the Canaries.

Topics Covered

  1. Is there still time to get residency for UK Nationals before the end of 2020 and what is necessary?
  2. is it true that if you apply for your T.I.E. card you automatically become a Spanish Tax Resident?
  3. If I get my residency in Spain does that mean I become a Tax Resident in Spain?
  4. What tax obligations will I have in Spain once I become a Tax Resident?
  5. If I purchase a property in Spain and do not become a Tax Resident does this mean I have no tax to pay in Spain?
  6. Is it true that we have to pay tax to the Spanish tax man. on Spanish property even if we don’t rent it out?
  7. What are the current rules about holiday lets? Are all holiday lets the same?
  8. Do I need to pay tax through the year or is it a one-off payment at year end?
  9. Could Brexit have an impact on my investments in the UK and if so, what can I do about it? (UK IFA will no longer be qualified to give advice)
  10. I received the message from Barclays saying they can no longer be a client of them, what can I do
  11. Is it a good time to invest with all the uncertainty in the world?
  12. Do I need to get residency before the end of the year?
  13. Do I need to do anything with my driving license?

If you have further enquiries about living in Spain or the Canary Islands, do contact us

Alex Radford

Written by:
Alex Radford

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