BBC interview about Brexit

30 August 2019

Our Alex Radford, English Solicitor & Spanish Abogado, was pleased to be invited to the BBC Breakfast show on 30 August when Brexit was the subject of the debate.

The BBC team have been interviewing expats along the coast and many have expressed their concerns about access to healthcare post Brexit.  

BBC Breakfast Programme about Brexit

Alex mentioned that Spain passed a law on 1 March 2019 which has two objectives. Firstly to preserve the rights of British and Spanish citizens in the event of a hard Brexit without a withdrawal agreement being agreed between the EU and the Great Britain.  Secondly, to preserve the flow of business between Spain and Britain. The Spanish law specifically covers the rights of British citizens living in Spain.  If you live in Spain for more than 6 months a year, the key to maintaining access to healthcare is that you have to become a Spanish resident.

The team at My Lawyer in Spain are assisting clients all over Spain with their residency process and strongly advise those who do not have residency, to obtain this before 31 October 2019.

If you would like to discuss the residency process, contact the team at My Lawyer in Spain.  

Alex Radford

Written by:
Alex Radford

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One Response

  1. Terri mitcell says:

    You should head to Northern Spain. Lots of us here came 20 or more years ago. Have given all our lives to working starting businesses contributing to the ecconomy and are not the retirment crew. We have mortgaes pay taxes etc. Nothing ever portrayed about how our life plans have been completely shafted especially as we werent allowed to vote in the reerendum and probably would have changed that fateful outcome. We also dont get to vote in GE at home or in Spain truly disenfrachised.
    Who is looking after our rights and giving us the voice. We are not the retired mob on the costas but people who made a life choice to live bring up children and work in an EU country.

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