September sees Spanish divorces increase!

15 September 2016 | Tags: , ,

Ever since the Spanish government introduced an “express divorce” bill in 2005, which has made divorces quick and easy to obtain, the divorce rate in Spain has drastically risen.

For many Spanish couples September means not only the end of summer but also the end of their marriage. According to numerous studies, one out of three divorces in Spain happens after the summer vacations. The explanation is simple: during summer, couples get a better chance to spend some quality time together, often without children. Unfortunately this ´forever desired break´ may just be the moment of the dreadful revelation: such sudden close contact may just prove the inability to talk and the lack of common interest.

Nowadays most relationships are based on daily routine, thus, couples’ everyday life-styles withdraws their ability to realize that their relationship is effectively unworkable. Summer, of course, is not the problem, it is merely the incentive for the reality to come to light since it is the time when couples finally get some time to think about their situation.

Additionally, the reason for September being the month with the highest number of divorces is that we almost always associate September with the start of a new chapter in our lives. As Reported by Diego Becerril, author of the book ‘Después del Divorcio’:

People mentally structure the year around two key periods: September and Christmas. These are periods of change, periods to start from scratch because they involve the beginning of the academic year and the beginning of the calendar year.

Accordingly, one out of three couples decide to divorce in September and oddly, most people start going to the gym or begin a diet during this month.

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