Preparing for Your Spanish Property Purchase

2 March 2021 | Tags: , ,

Our webinar on 26th February 2021 covered tips and information about buying a property in Spain, whether as your permanent home or as a holiday home.

We recommend you download our free Tips before you buy a Property in Spain.

Things we covered:-

Reservation Contract

Best for a lawyer to review the reservation contract before signing it.

Typically we would add clauses such as all correctly registered at the land registry and in the catastro. We would also check for our Clients there have been no breaches of planning permission and the licence of first occupation in place.


  • What documents are needed before you purchase?
  • Do you want to obtain a Mortgage? How much can you borrow?
  • Benefits of having a survey (especially for Clients who haven’t viewed the property and are buying ‘online’)
  • Tips if you are buying with an online viewing only.
  • The affect of the Military Permit for properties in certain areas of Spain.

The Process

We also covered the process for purchasing including buying off-plan.

Your Questions

  • I have seen a property online and I would like to put an offer but I cannot travel to Spain yet. What do you recommend in this case?
  • Can I subject the reservation deposit to a particular condition like survey or mortgage approval?
  • My estate agent sent me the reservation document and they said it is a standard document. Is it ok to sign or what information should I look into the document?
  • Do I pay the reservation deposit to the agent or to the vendor/builder or can the lawyer pay it?
  • What is the difference between a just reservation document and a full purchase contract or contrato de arras? Can my lawyer in Spain sign it using a Power of Attorney?
  • What is the typical payment schedule when buying off plan?
  • Can I exchange the documents by email with the estate agent?
  • My father in law has passed away, he was in the process of buying a property in Almeria. He had a contract signed and paid 10% deposit. What happens now? Are the beneficiaries under the obligation to pay the balance and to complete the purchase?
  • My son lives in Spain and he is resident. We want to buy a holiday home in Spain. Should we purchase in his name?

Watch the video for more information

Any further requests or information please contact us for support.

Alex Radford

Written by:
Alex Radford

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