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Andalucia Increases Inheritance Tax Threshold

Inheritance in Spain

31 January 2017

As of 1 January 2017, inheritance tax in Andalucia has changed and the burden of tax becomes lighter for direct relatives inheriting assets located in Andalucia.


The Benefits of Having a Spanish Will

Benefits of Having a Spanish Will

23 January 2017

If you have assets in Spain whether it be a bank account, property, shares or even a car, it is strongly advisable to have a Spanish will.


Interesting Spanish divorce stats

21 November 2016 | Tags:

The Catalan people are those that most often break their matrimonial relationships in Spain: last year this independent community showed records of the highest rate of break ups, separations and divorces. According to the latest report released by the National Statistics Institute (INE) it happens to 2.6 people of every 1000 residents.


September sees Spanish divorces increase!

15 September 2016 | Tags: , ,

Ever since the Spanish government introduced an “express divorce” bill in 2005, which has made divorces quick and easy to obtain, the divorce rate in Spain has drastically risen.


FREE Legal Advice for British Expats in Spain

9 September 2016 | Tags:

At My Lawyer in Spain, we’re here to help you manage any legal issues you may encounter while living abroad. That’s why we’re hosting free legal clinics this month, offering up useful law advice for expats living in Spain.


Guide To Inheriting Spanish Property – Steps 4 To 6

11 July 2016 | Tags: ,

Our Spanish abogada and specialist in Spanish wills and inheritances, continues her series on inheriting in Spain with Steps 4 through 6. It is a guide that advises on the action to take when a friend or relative has unfortunately passed away.


Step-by-Step Guide To Inheriting Spanish Property

10 May 2016 | Tags: ,

Our Spanish abogada and specialist in Spanish wills and inheritances, kicks off her series of articles about inheriting in Spain with a step-by-step guide of the action to take when a friend or relative has unfortunately passed away.


What can parents publish on social media when separating or divorcing?

26 April 2016 | Tags:

In our ever increasing internet connected world, our specialist family lawyer provides some key advice to parents, separating or divorcing, about what they can or cannot publish on social media about their children.


FREE Advice on Spanish Wills from My Lawyer in Spain

28 January 2016 | Tags:

At My Lawyer in Spain, we are dedicated to helping British expats with a wide range of legal issues, providing support that will make their lives easier. That’s why we’re offering up advice on Spanish wills at our free Open Day on 28th January.


Divorce on the increase in Spain

9 October 2015 | Tags: ,

Whether you agree or are opposed to the idea, divorce is part of life in modern Spain. We aim to help our clients through this difficult time with compassion, empathy and understanding of the issues.


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